Dante Robere Vineyards Current Releases

2019 Chardonnay - Livermore Valley

Round and harmonious, with subtle oak and yellow apple & mango a perfect summer Chardonnay as well as a great choice any time of year. Pair with lower intensity foods that accentuate creamy, buttery flavors and textures. Triple cream Brie cheese, rich shellfish, halibut, pork tenderloin and vegetarian dishes with richer starchy vegetables, like corn, pumpkin and squash. Aged in new French oak. (94 Cases Produced)

2019 Rose` of Mourvedre - Contra Costa County

With strawberry, watermelon and rose petal. Medium-bodied, clean, light and aromatic, this hugely versatile Rose` will stand up to big flavors or can be enjoyed all on its own on a warm sunny day. An ideal wine to drink with many dishes including tapenades, paella, grilled chicken, fish or lamb with herbs. Also, an excellent wine for your summer barbecue or happy hour with charcuterie & cheese. Aged in stainless steel. (88 Cases Produced)

2019 Viognier - California

Rich, exotic, with ripe nectarine, peach, honeysuckle and creamy, pairs with fruit salsas, grilled seafood and spicy Asian dishes. Aged 50% in stainless steel and 50% in neutral French oak. (84 Cases Produced)

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon - Livermore Valley
90 pts Wine Enthusiast

Black cherry, red bell pepper, toffee, smooth finish, medium tannins (126 cases produced) Aged 28 months in French Oak

Wine Enthusiast Magazine November 2020 Review: "This full-bodied wine is big and sturdy, full of ripe fruit flavors wrapped in velvety tannins. Delicious black-cherry and blackberry ,flavors are complemented by light baking-spice notes from oak".

2017 Carignane - Contra Costa County

Dark red plum, dried cranberries, caramel, sandalwood, mild tannins (168 cases produced)

Aged 28 months in French Oak

2017 Dante's Inferno - Livermmore Valley
91 Points Wine Enthusiast
Silver Medal SF Chronicle Wine Competition 2020

Raspberry, caramel, red licorice, medium tannins. A blend of 50% Estate Syrah, 25% Mourvedre and 25% Grenanche. Aged in new French oak for 21 months. (205 cases produced)

Wine Enthusiast April 2020 Review: "Oak lovers in particular will like this superspicy, smoky and charred smelling wine that is full bodied and offers good ripe blackberry flavors to compete with the all the heavily toasted oak influence. It's extreme in style but undeniably tasty and reflects the spirit of its name very well."

2017 Estate Syrah - Livermore Valley
92 Points Wine Enthusiast

Smooth and elegant with rich dark fruit, subtle spices and a velvety finish. This is the sixth vintage of our estate grown Syrah and the highest rated yet, garnering 92 points from the Wine Enthusiast. Aged 21 months in new Hungarian oak. (141 Cases Produced)

April 2020 Wine Enthusiast Review: “Smooth and suave in character, this well-modulated and full-bodied wine, aged in Hungarian oak, blends rich fruit and subtle spices for a very appealing and mouthfilling profile. Black fruits mingle with baking spices, cedar and a touch of wood smoke that emerge on the palate and lingers on the finish.”

2017 Paradiso - California

A red blend of varietals originating from the Iberian Peninsula, Tempranillo 50%, Carignane 33%, & Touriga 17%. This wine shows dark juicy fruit, subtle earthiness, vanilla & warm spices, is well-rounded, versatile and a perfect go to barbecue wine. Aged 21 months in new French oak. (130 Cases Produced)

2017 Petite Sirah - Livermore Valley
91 Points Wines Enthusiast

Black fruit, salt and pepper aromas, baking spices, full bodied. Aged 28 months in French Oak ( 158 Cases Produced)

WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine November 2020 REVEIW: "This bold yet well-balanced wine offers a salt and pepper aroma, and opulent black-fruit flavors and baking spices. These play off well integrated, firm tannins as full body and good acidity help create a big and broad mouthfeel."

2017 Reserve Petite Sirah - Livermore Valley
91 Points Wines Enthusiast

Jammy blackberry and blueberry, cocoa, baking spices, full bodied. (43 Cases Produced) Limited Production - Wine Club Members Only. Aged 28 months in French Oak.

WINE ENTHUSIAST November 2020 REVEIW: "This rich and spicy, full-bodied wine pours lavish dark chocolate, cocoa and baking spices over concentrated and jammy blackberry and blueberry flavors. Aged in 70% new French barrels for 28 months, it's fun to drink with all that oaky complexity happening"

2017 Suky's Syrah - Livermore Valley

Blend of Estate Syrah 50% and Petite Sirah 50%
Blackberry, blueberry jam, subtle green bell pepper, black tea, long smooth finish (49 Cases Produced) Limited Production ~ Wine Club Members Only

Aged 28 months in French Oak

2017 Roberitage - Livermore Valley

50% blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Estate Syrah. Cherry, black currant, nutmeg, medium plus tannins and a bold finish. Aged 28 months in French Oak (136 Cases Produced)

2017 Tempranillo - Livermore Valley
Gold Medal SF Wine Competition 2020

Nicely balanced with subtle dark fruit and earthy leather and tobacco, its full-body makes this a “big boy wine” as Dan (aka “Dante”) likes to call it. Its savory smoothness and subtle fruit compliment a variety of dishes, including grilled meats, spicy sausage, and tomato sauced dishes from Paella to Mexican foods. Aged 21 months in new French oak. (133 Cases Produced)

2017 Zinfandel - Livermore Valley
Silver Medal SF Chronicle Wine Competition 2020

Boysenberry, Hibiscus, Hickory, subtle pepper, moderate tannins. Aged for 18 months in new French oak. (170 cases produced).

2018 Barbera - Livermore Valley

Sour cherry, dried strawberry, dried herbs, good acidity. (118 Cases Produced)

2018 Grenache - Livermore Valley

Raspberry sauce, Bay Leaf, Clove, light body and smooth finish. (131 Cases Produced)

2018 Mourvedre - Livermore Valley

Black Cherry, Clove, Vanilla, Tobacco, mild tannins (168 cases produced)

Aged 18 months in French Oak

Two Cellar Rats VII - California

A blend of six different varietals, Zinfandel, Mourvedre, Grenanche, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Counoise. Bing cherry, raspberry, white pepper, firm tannins and a long finish. (169 Cases produced)

LexiKat VI Port Wine - California

Ruby Red Port is a blend of Zinfandel (57%), Touriga (29%) and Syrah (14%). Raisin, Figs, Caramel, Light Sweetness allowing the fruit characteristics to show through, Velvety Finish. (86 cases produced)